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Lead To Succeed, by David A Duryee is the complete guide to starting and managing a successful business. In this over-arching book, Duryee uses easy to understand terms to explain the key elements of successful business start-up and management. In his follow up book targeted to the Moving and Storage industry, he breaks down fundamentals unique to that industry.

David A Duryee has over 35 years of business management and consulting experience.

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Lead to Succeed - The Complete Guide to Starting and Running A Successful Business

This book is written for those that want to start and run a successful business. It describes the steps involved in starting a business and how to write a successful business plan.

"I highly recommend this book to ANY entrepreneur who either 1) thinks he/she knows everything, or 2) knows he/she doesn't know everything but is afraid to ask, or 3) knows that learning is a never-ending process." - Sabrina Jones

Lead to Succeed - The Moving and Storage Guide to Perpetual Profitability

The primary focus of this book is the moving and storage industry, however the principles contained in this book apply equally to running a successful business of any kind.

"This is a must read for any business owner that is serious about being profitable and growing his business. I have been implementing the ratios and practices in my business with great success." - Anthony Frederico